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SJDB Voucher experts

SJDB. Voucher. TRAINING.  benefits.  Statewide.

The Right School

We help injured workers choose the right training school program  with their return to work voucher.

English / Spanish

We offer services in English and Spanish. We service a diverse range of individuals.

Statewide Coverage

Successful return to work services via virtual telecommuncation with 30 years of experience.

Computer purchase 1000 benefit return to work

$1,000 Computer

Expense reimbursement 500 return to work benefit

$500 Expenses

Paperwork is a burden and we take care of it


Timing is important to meet all deadlines


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Why SOS?

SOS = Sims Occupational Services.

Alan and team have over 30 years experience in return to work services. We have provided guidance and direction to thousands of injured workers. We offer all of our experience and information in each case.  Helping is our DNA. 

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Get In Touch

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7 industries that are likely to provide good employment opportunities:

Healthcare and Medical Services: The aging population and advancements in healthcare technology will continue to drive demand for healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and allied health workers.

Technology: The tech sector, including software development, cybersecurity, and data analysis, is expected to remain robust as digital transformation continues.

Renewable Energy: With a growing emphasis on sustainability and climate change, renewable energy fields like solar and wind power will see increased job opportunities.

Environmental and Sustainability: Careers related to environmental conservation, sustainable practices, and eco-friendly technology are on the rise.

Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals: The need for innovative medical treatments and pharmaceuticals will lead to growth in this sector.

Education and E-Learning: As technology changes the way we learn, opportunities in online education and edtech will continue to expand.

E-commerce and Logistics: The growth of online shopping and global supply chains means a continued need for workers in e-commerce and logistics.


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