Income Assessments

Loss of Earning Assessments. Earning Potential Assessments. Labor Market Analyses and Job Preparations Services.



Contact us to arrange a brief discussion of the pertinent aspects of the case.


Video Conferences

We are very technologically enabled and can work with any video conference platform.


Upload Documents

Secure document uploads are provided utilizing HIPAA compliant cloud software.


Medical Record Review

Professional level medical record review by our affilate


Labor Market Analysis

Up to date labor market information is always utilized to support conclusions.


Vocational Testing

Vocational measurements of skills, ability, personality and interest provided as needed.

Future Uncertainty due to Covid 19

While the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic has caused mucy economic devastation, the world will return to a new normal, and it is not difficult to determine where the jobs of the future will fall. We use adept vocational skills, years of experience and a bit of imagination.

Client Comments

I have been using Mr. Sims' services for many years. He always provides the most realistic and rational assessments and conclusions.

- William Goldsmith Esq.

I have known and worked with Mr. Sims for over 20 years. The defensable reports have helped my clients achieve excellent results.

- Michael Zelman Esq.

Mr. Sims has always worked diligently and securely with my clients. He possesses a keen professional presence and creative skill set.

- MJS Law Firm