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For Returning to Work

Fine Tune Your
Job Seeking and Job Search Skills
SOS to the rescue.

Get Prepped

Register into the programs that you believe you need. Or, take our survey questionnaire to what specific areas of job search or vocational exploration you need.

Get Noticed

Once you have the skills needed to enhance your job search skills, make sure you have the right resume or CV for the job. That creates your first impression.

Get Ready

At this point you will have enhanced job search skills, and an appropriate and updated resume or CV. Now prepare your packet or folder with what you need and keep it handy.

Get Going

With the information and tools provided by SOS you will be able to get to where you are going in a confident manner, knowing you will leave the best first impression.

Readiness Survey

Take our free Readiness Survey to determine your personal level of job search skills and job search readiness you currently possess.

Transferable Skills

Convert your personal experiences of schooling, jobs, classes, hobbies, or a natural ability or proficiency in a specific area into work-able skills.

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