Interview Skills

skills and techniques to enhance your interview.

Getting a Job is Easy?

Do you think it is easy to get a job these days? When you are in contention with dozens or even hundreds of other job applicants, then you should put into good use every job interview advice that you can get. And good for you because I have listed in this article some of the top tips you should try. Keep in mind whenever you go to an interview you are basically selling yourself. Now would you sell a product of low quality? Would you present your product in a poorly designed packaging? You will understand more about these as we go along. The more confidence you have in the ability to sell yourself, the better chance you have to make a good first impression. Be prepared for the usual questions: "Why did you leave your last job?" "What did you like about your last job?" "What did you dislike about your last job?" and "What makes you think you would make a good choice for this company?" These types of questions, and more, will be facing you in an interview.

First Impressions

The point of writing a resume is to get you an interview and it becomes your real first impression. You have the opportunity to sell yourself at the interview, but without the right resume to open the door, you may never make it to the interview. Within the first seven to ten seconds of reading your resume, the person screening applicants must be convinced that you merit further consideration. The staff of SOS Job Prep has developed resumes for more than 5,000 individuals as well as training vocational professionals in how to create resumes for enhanced first impressions.

Keeping the job

What if you get the job? Now you have to think about adjusting to a new work culture; learning their processes and willingness or capacity to learn new ones; getting along with new co-employees; having the flexibility to adapt to changes; or understanding what they expect of themselves, of others, and of work; keeping healthy and alert; and having a good work ethic. You not only have to think about having what it takes to get a job, but also what it takes to keep it. SOS Job Prep includes educational information about these factors in its Job Prep Services and ancillary programs.