Fair & Honest

Vocational Assessments or Consultations exist within a litigious environment. There are adversaries parties in the litigation process the creates diverse results and outcomes. Alan Sims has been trained in the various litigation arenas where an adversarial relationship often exists. However, most of his career has been in the capacity of an AVE, Agreed Vocational Evaluator or an IVE, Independant Vocational Evaluator.

This accomplishment should lead one to the conclusion that if Mr. Sims has been chosen or agreed-upon by adversaries, then his evaluations, results and conclusions must be fair and balanced. Mr. Sims posits that a realistic, honest, rational and well documented evaluation results in the most accurate, fair and defensable outcome.

Supported & Defensable

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Experience / Expertise


Sims Occupational Services: Founder & Counselor Designed the nation’s first online, full and comprehensive vocational evaluation and assessment tool for return to work and vocational rehabilitation injured and disabled workers.


Sims Consulting: Founder & Counselor: Vocational Counseling & Consulting, Beverly Hills, CA Performed Income Earning Evaluations & Assessment Services Performed Marital Dissolution Vocational Evaluations Performed Loss of Earnings Assessments. Provided Expert Witness Testimony as needed.


Executive Vice President & Lead Counselor Trainer: VocAid, Inc, Encino, CA Oversaw 65 professional counseling staff, as well as managing a personal caseload: Performed:

  1. Staff Case Review
  2. Training New Counselors
  3. Speaker Attorneys & Claims Professionals
  4. Speaker Claims Professionals
  5. Managed All Testing Licensing and Resources
  6. Trained Job Placement Specialists
  7. Trained Labor Market Research Staff
  8. Trained Job Seeking Skills Counseling Program
  9. Trained Transferable Skills Analysis Program.


  • MA: Educational Psychology; Counseling & Guidance; California State University, Northridge.
  • BA: Psychology; California State University, Northridge
  • Undergrad Coursework: Statistics, Ohio State University.

VRTWC: Vocational Return to Work Counselor – California Division of Industrial Relations

LTM: Leader, Technology Management – California State Department of Rehabilitation

CCCC: Counselor, Community College Counseling Credential - California State

Related Experience

Guest speaker for attorney firms, insurance claims companies and ancillary parties within the workers' compensation and personal injury arenas.


Principal creator of CEU seminar on report writing for medical/legal medical providers in California. Sanctioned by the IMC Industrial Medical Council

Past Licensure

CRC: Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. past certification

CIRS: Certified Insurance Rehabilitation Specialist, past certification

Federally Certified Vocational Counselor, Department of Labor; past certification.

A Note About Past Certifications: Mr. Sims has been often 'grandfather'd in for the various certifications that came to be in the Med/Legal industries. At a certain point, Mr. Sims bowed out of continued certification as the return of this license investment, was negative. That is, there comes a point when a professional knows more than the certificating body. Or, that its focus was not relevant to the hands-on and direct involvement by the professions. Mr. Sims was not terminated by these bodies, but rather he has discontinued the ever-increasing fees and non-relevant participation after careful forethought. .